How to care for your fence in Chesterfield

We hear from so many homeowners that their privacy fence or picket fence requires a lot of maintenance to keep it looking like the day it was installed.  This is somewhat true if you do not have the proper tools to tackle the job or if you’ve let your fence go for too long with out maintaining it.  Renew Crew can help you maintain your fence by properly cleaning it and sealing it with our proprietary 3-step process.  You would be surprised what we can do.

You might think that this before and after could not possibly be for real.  We assure you, it’s typical of what we do.


Your fence is an investment and adds value to your home when properly cared for.  A dirty and damaged fence can make your home less appealing from the curbside.  Here’s a couple of things you can do to keep your wood fence in tip top condition.

  • Inspect the fence for damage regularly.  Look for cracked or broken boards, termite damage and rot.  The advantage to having a wood fence is it easy to replace a board or two as needed instead of entire sections as you would have to do with vinyl
  • Tighten loose boards if nails or screws have popped this will help with warping.
  • Stain or seal your fence, preferably both sides, to prevent sun and water damage. Our protectants contain UV protectant and water repellant that is time tested.  You can expect our products to last 3-5 years on wood fences, maybe even longer depending on various environmental factors.  A good rule of thumb is if water beads on the surface of the wood, then your fence is protected.  If water is absorbed then it is time to re-seal.
  • A good home remedy for termites is to use Borax along the fence line.  To best protect against termite damage to make sure your fence is not buried in mulch and dirt.  Allow air to get to the wood and that will help keep the termites away.  If your yard is particularly wet, consider using stone or a french drain along the fence line.

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