Why Not to Use Chlorine Bleach Outdoors

We firmly believe that we have a responsibility to protect our clients’ properties by using appropriate non-toxic cleaners for the job. It is our desire to leave the property looking beautiful and protected for years to come. We take great care not to damage the landscaping or any structure.

Renew Crew uses environmentally friendly cleaning products to clean siding, decks, concrete, pavers, etc. We are often asked what we use, we unfortunately, won’t tell you as it is proprietary – no offense. We do not use chlorine bleach as many of our competitors unwittingly do.

Why should you care if chlorine bleach is used on your wood deck? Chlorine bleach works well to kills germs, however, it is destructive to wood. Chlorine bleach destroys wood lignin (the woods’ fiber), is drying and removes woods’ natural colors. Additionally, chlorine bleach can corrode hardware and will destroy and kill vegetation.



Our proprietary foam (left) is very effective yet gentle.  It brings the dirt and grime to the surface without damaging the wood fibers or bleaching the         wood.  As an added bonus the cleaner does most of the work allowing us to use low pressure to rinse off the dirt and grime.  Following some drying           time, we can seal the deck with our Natural, Cedar or Brown protectant.  This last step will keep your deck looking great for years to come.


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